Welcome to Antiques on Main

Your Journey is Over

You're on the search for something special. Something that speaks to you. You've looked near and far for your own piece of treasure. Antiques on Main has the finest antiques you'll find. In fact, our building itself is a preserved piece of history. We're located in Downtown Ashland, Ohio in a restored building from the 1870s. 

You seek character, something with art built into the foundation. Antiques on Main knows the value of unique treasure. If you're looking to shop local, or become a dealer yourself, stop in and we'll help you uncover the hidden gems you've traveled to find. 

Committed to Community

Antiques on Main strives to help our community. We are a part of the small business economy in Ashland and we strongly promote the importance of shopping local. Our community is our backbone. We love seeing old, friendly faces and greeting new ones! 

We sell local items, as well as pieces from all over Ohio. We're not your junk store on the corner, but a high end antique vendor. We know collecting can get pricey, that's why we're willing to get you a fair deal.

We believe in love at first sight, especially in our shop. Don't leave your antique behind because of the price tag. 


If you want to be a dealer at Antiques on Main, great! We'd love to chat with you about doing business. The process is simple, and starts with a phone call!

Become an Antiques on Main Dealer!

  1. Call us at 419-651-0678.
  2. We will meet with you, review your experience, and approve if we're a good fit for each other.
  3. We create space or lease that fits your needs.


Passion Embedded in Our Work

As you look for the perfect piece for your collection, you'll find something different at Antiques on Main. Our atmosphere breathes history. Each item has a story, a need to be heard. That's where we come in. Our dealers learn the background on each antique to keep history alive. These are pieces of culture. They are pieces of memory. 

People choose antiques for all sorts of reasons. Our favorite is emotional connection. When we see a person's face light up because they have finally found the missing piece that they've been longing for, that's our favorite part. We love building that bridge between searching and finding. This is an investment for you, we give you your heart's desire in your hands, and in your home at a deal you cannot refuse. 

No "X" Needed to Find Your Treasure

So, maybe you didn't find what you were looking for in our shop. Let us take care of you. Our dealers go above and beyond to find the antique you want. We keep you in the loop, so you know how our search is coming. No dead ends here. We know you want pristine and well-preserved items. We will give you just that. 

Our selection is never static. We are always bringing in new items. Connect your memories to the antiques you grew up with. We have pieces from all corners of history. 

Ready to Find What You've Been Searching For?

We encourage all of our customers to stop in. See our selection with your own eyes! First impressions are key, make them count by seeing, in person, the value and quality of our antiques. Touch the character in the woodwork and admire the detail of glass pieces.

Come see us!

We're located right next to Downtown Perk and Dessert Oasis in Downtown Ashland, Ohio.


143 W. Main St., Ashland, OH 44805 (Map)